Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WoW & Dating

The Guy got me into playing World of Warcraft with him. It's a fun way to unwind and we both end up laughing and chatting while we sit in the living room together, running around and killing things online. I know that some people have talked about being "WoW Widows" and such, but it's actually helping our already-excellent communication. I understand some of what he talks about better now, and cooperating on in-game tasks or objectives is teaching us how to communicate better when one or both of us is frustrated.

On top of that, it's full of opportunities for the weirdest conversations. Last night, for instance.

Me: "When we go back to turn in our quests, I'll sell my pants."
Him: *looks at me suspiciously*
Me: "What?! I made pants while we were trees. Multi-tasking."

I know it doesn't make sense without a lot of explanation, but the fact that such a random assortment of words did make sense in that moment still makes me giggle. Thank goodness one of his favorite things about me playing video games is what I end up saying. He still loves to tell his friends about how he discovered my bloodthirsty nature while he played Assassin's Creed 2...


  1. My husband keeps trying to get me to play WoW or D&D. But when he's playing WoW, that's when I get the chance to write and play with all MY toys! I need the occasional widowing!

  2. Oh damn, my comment got eaten.
    That's okay, it wasn't earth shattering.
    Loved the conversation.

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  4. Gee, I'm late on this one.
    You know I love these conversation snippets.
    My man doesn't play computer games but he is right into cars so I started helping him to avoid becoming a widow to that. I can strip an engine, replace tyres, pack name it. hell, I think I know more about cars than half the guys I know lol