Saturday, February 5, 2011


I used to wish that I could live in a Jennifer Crusie novel, not just for the wonderful romance and men who loved the women unconditionally and relished in their curves, but also for the banter. I craved the banter.

Then I friended The Guy on Facebook, reconnecting, and we bantered for 2 or 3 weeks until we met up in person. The banter has continued ever since, and even after 22 months together, he never fails to crack me up.

Tonight is a merely mediocre example, but I'm still laughing.

He's playing WoW while I goof off, and I decided I needed a movie on in the background. I pressed play on Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and a High School Musical preview started.

Me (on the couch): "AUGH!! Where's the remote? Fast-forward! FAST-FORWARD! Why would someone DO this?!"
Him (from the computer): "Because it's Disney."
Me: "But it's wrong! EVIL."
Him: "Disney."
Me: "They're trying to make me blind and deaf and ill before my movie begins?"
Him: "Like life at sea."
Me: "High School Musical is scurvy?"
Him: *pauses, then nods* "Yeah, pretty much."


  1. Yay for updates! And yay for banter...of the friendly persuasion!

  2. She blogged! Happiness :-)

    Love the whole exchange. If all you blogged was banter it'd be required reading.

  3. What Stormy and Sarah said. Yay!
    Also, how funny is this?! I am putting up my new post tonight, and am using a conversation Daniel and I just had too!

  4. I'll add my YAY! in too.
    I love when you share these little conversation snippets, they're always so funny.