Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zombie Snippet

From my IM conversation with E this morning. Verbatim. :) Yes, we are hopeless geeks.

Me: Perfect house for the zombie apocalypse -

E: That is pretty cool. It does have some openings on the ground floor that are worrisome, so unless it is closed up when the apocalypse happens, you might be boned.

Me: Yeah, but if you've got the zombie-alert system, you might have time to close it up before they get to you. Depending on which zombies they are.

E: :)
E: I do love you, you know that right?

Me: I love you, too.
Me: What brought that on? Was I awesome just now without noticing? :)

E: A bit.

Me: Cool.
Me: That is my goal in life. To be so awesome that all you can do is grin and tell me you love me. :D

Added: For your zombie identification purposes -


  1. That is so sweet I need insulin.

  2. It's important to have a zombie and raptor proof house. I have a couple of friends who I can geek out with, but one of them has gotten so too pretentious for all that (my BFF of course) that I can only discuss zombies realistic with one of them, and certainly don't have an E to talk with. :) You guys rock.

    I agree that there needs to be a zombie ID and alert system. The perimeter wall needs to be taller and further from the residence. It bothers me that the small glass enclosure is not protected.

    In addition, there needs to be a garage that is zombie-proof AND connected to the house. It's no good to have a fortress if you have to lose 25% of your forces running for your armored, gun-mounted ride.

    We are so totally talking about zombies when I visit! I have many plans I need to run past someone .... ;)

  3. I adore both of you... you know that right?!

  4. @Laurel - To quote E, "Bwahahahahahaha! Step two of my evil master plan!" ;) But yeah, diabetes is a known risk of snippet posts.

    @Skye - You're always welcome to join us for zombie talk. :D We tend to have interesting discussions. Last night was a debate on what constitutes pornography. It was actually a pretty intellectual 30 minutes. And I can't wait to have you up here!!

    @Julie - And I adore you! Now, were you talking about me and E, or me and Skye? ;)