Sunday, July 4, 2010


So I'm having trouble lately with coming up with posts. I have them in my head, but have to fight against that blasted voice that wonders why anyone would want to read my stuff unless it's funny. Considering that most of the thoughts in my head lately haven't been that funny, perhaps you can understand why I haven't posted?

Today, though, I have to share with you two photos, and their captions, that my stepdad posted on facebook from Libya. They cracked me up. He's a really interesting guy, a sculptor and ex-fencing coach, and you should go check out his website - van der Wege Sculpture. It's still slightly under construction, but the photo galleries are up and his stuff is like nothing you've ever seen. I promise. You'll love it.

Go check it out. I'll wait.

So the two pictures are these, with his captions quoted underneath each one -

"I discovered these two in the back of a pickup truck at the vegetable market two days ago. I couldn't tell if they were on their way to the meat market or the used vehicle lot."

"Visiting the Greek ruins at Cyrene, I thought I would stand in for one of the resident deities - nobody was fooled."


  1. Hi Sieera, (visiting over from Lucy's). Write about what ever you want. You write we will read. I am curious about your profile. What does Baha'i mean?

    Have a great day.

  2. yup, sierra, if you build it the betties will come :) Greece looks amazing. my dh went there on a trip after high school and he described it as the following: "Olive trees everywhere, too hot, bad food." A true antiquarian, as you can tell.

  3. What those Betties just said. I am having such a good time blog hopping now that Lucy and Alastair have us on the side bars. We are a very diverse and fascinating bunch. Write anything (I do)!

  4. I told you before, babe, I'll read it.

  5. Sierra ~ you could write about a sign post and I will read it. Have faith in yourself, trust your heart, a wonderful woman is there. Love the photo from Greece. Lora's husband is correct about the heat. Hot. Hot. Hot, had very few good hair days : ( We had good food for the most part. Oh yeah, we were on board for most meals. Have a wonderful day, hope the sun is shining there, here it is one horrible start to summer. Wahhh...