Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Week's Lessons

- Trees are heavy, even if they're bonsai versions. They are also unwieldy when they're planted on a large stone platform. Said stone platform will chip paint when you are maneuvering through doorways if you are not careful.

- "There's a bonsai in my bathtub" is a lot of fun to say, but other people may not find the humor and instead will edge cautiously away. Only say this to people who know that the bonsai you're babysitting is desperate for hydration.

- Being productive leads to cactus spines in your leg. Thankfully, they're more like cactus hairs than spines, but they are still annoying. And harder to find to pull out with tweezers.

- Cacti are more cunning than you give them credit for. They will shed tiny hair-like spines even if you don't touch them directly, and those spines will take root in your clothing. You must wash said clothing to get rid of them. There's no other option. No, lint rollers do not help.

- Do not lay on the floor if your shirt has long ties on the back and the cat is going through a crazy time.

- Do not lay on the floor if said cat is still crazy and your hair is in a ponytail. He will try to eat your head. Lovingly.

- Do not stay up past three listening to music, looking for pictures, and watching old movies and funny TV shows because "it's Discovery homework." Your body doesn't care and it will try to explode your head in the morning.

- "My life is a series of domestic adventures" will make your mom crack up and have very little sympathy for you. There is some, but it's masked by the laughter. (I love you, Mom.)


  1. Oh Sierra, I love your post! Especially the bit with crazy cat and the shirt ties. Bonsai in the bathtub is funny.
    Last night I sat down on my papasan chair (a bit bowl made of bamboo rings that rests unstably on a little bamboo stand) and promptly flipped over backward, whacking my arm and bellowing "Help! I'm IN the bookcase!" to which dh began laughing and i had to yell it eleven times before he actually came to help.

  2. Lora, I cracked up at your comment. I shifted in my boyfriend's papasan chair a while ago, and suddenly I was rolling across the floor. I don't remember those things being that tricky when I was a kid! And his creaks every time you move in it. I can't sit absolutely still, so it's probably not the best piece of furniture for me. ;)