Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, looking at the layout of the blog in general, I find myself wishing I could change two things.

1.) Cut posts. You know, have a paragraph and then a "read more" link to click. That way it's less time consuming to go backwards through the posts.

2.) An option to get email updates. Actually, this is more for a friend's blog than mine. I keep missing updates from her, then feeling bad, and I would love to have a way to get her updates for when I can't seem to remember to go to the link.

Speaking of which you should go here - The Accidental Tangoiste. It's written by a dear friend of mine, who is wry and funny and so very engaging. Even if you're like me and don't tango, reading her stuff makes you feel like you're there with her. And she's an editor, so you can trust her grammar to be non-argh-inducing. Go. Shoo.

Why are you still here?


  1. Hey you...
    I followed you from Lucy's and your blog looks purtier than mine. Hope you get to make the changes you like - I'm still learning so I don't even know what's possible with mine.
    ST ;-)

  2. that sure thing? :) Awesome.

    I think I'll be able to make the changes, especially with the way Blogger now allows you to customize the layout. Any other changes I'm making by going into the HTML and playing a little. Totally new for me, and it involves a lot Googling. :)

  3. Hey.
    Quoted you on my blog and directed others to you. ;-)

  4. Ack. Now I really do have to get into the rhythm of posting here. ;) Means I'll need to get the layout thing taken care of tonight.

    And thanks for the quote. :) I'm sure I'll be quoting you at some point on here. Would it be cool if I stuck the link for your blog on my list here?

  5. Hey! Go ahead.
    Sorry for the late reply - coursework's had me snowed!

  6. Saw your twitter feed - here's my post, sister. ;-)