Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy, Lazy Saturday Ramblings

So I think I finally got the "read more" option to work. Yay for that! Today I'm largely spending the day organizing/unpacking/getting my life less cluttered, so my brain power is kind of wrapped up in thinking about it. I'll warn you that this post is basically random thoughts.

This morning started off early but lazy, with the boyfriend and I meeting my stepdad for breakfast. We all worked on a crossword puzzle together and decided that the crossword puzzle creator was insane for using the word "sneak" as the answer to the clue "weasel." Seriously, if you're going to do that, you really have to put the clue in quotes so that it's apparent it's a slang term. Right? Or are we just major geeks? I'm leaning towards the fact that we're geeks, cause we are. And we're proud of it. :)

I've walked into my bedframe five times this week, and every time it leaves a bruise and/or scrape. There's just one little curve that sticks out, and it's small enough to be seriously painful. One of my goals is to shift my bed two inches the other way so that this doesn't happen anymore. I'm a major klutz, though, so that's not really a guarantee. We'll see.

The bruises sparked a conversation between BF and I, though. I bruise easily, but they heal quickly, so we decided that my body must have developed fast healing techniques just to deal with the frequency of minor injuries. "Oh, for pete's sake...not again! Get rid of that, fast. Another one will be here any second." That's right, people, I heal quickly cause my body's so exasperated with my klutziness. :) I can deal with it, though. Poor BF's healing factor went on strike when he got his tonsils out. "What, you've been sick for over a month and now you expect me to deal with this?! Uh-uh. I don't think so." At least now he's finally doing better.

Well, off to clean and organize some more. Then to a concert tonight with my stepdad - the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars. Should be a lot of fun. I hope that everyone else's Saturday is going well.

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