Thursday, April 29, 2010


I've fallen down on the blog. Argh. In my defense, I'm in the last lap for the semester. I keep getting ideas for blogs to write, but of course it's while I'm driving, and then I forget about it until 2 in the morning when I'm finally drifting off to sleep. Maybe I should get a mini tape recorder for ideas while driving?

So, for today, you get my glee over my plants. And pictures! (One, at least.)
When I moved into the apartment I'm in now, I became the caregiver of my mom's numerous plants. She's off in Libya, so I'm their guardian until she gets back. Yeah, I had a couple of plants in the mix that I really loved (the oregano and rosemary are my babies), but now I've got...*goes to count*...about 22 pots on my porch that are hers. Well, one is my stepdad's bonsai tree, but you get the picture. Oh, wait.

Now you do. Sort of. It's only a portion of the plants, really. The week I got most of the plants over, I went out and bought myself basil, lavender, and a tomato plant. I've also got about 5 little pots that have jade leaves in them. The leaves got knocked off of the huge mother plant during the move, and hopefully they'll take root and grow enough by Christmas to be fun little gifts. :)

This week I was ecstatic to discover that my tomato plant has baby tomatoes coming in!! So you get a picture of that, too.
Yes, that's the pool you see in the background. We're on the third floor, with the pool so close we could (theoretically) jump in. If we wanted to, you know, break a leg. Occasionally we even have ducks come and hang out in the pool. One couple in particular likes to spend their evenings there. As adorable as it is, though, I'm a teeny bit worried that they'll get chlorine poisoning or something.

There's a fountain at the pool, too, so with the balcony door open, I get the sounds of the water, the wind, and my tiny windchimes. It makes me so happy and peaceful. It's home. And I'm going to enjoy those sounds, as well as the tiny bird on my shoulder, while I study for those blasted finals. So I'll leave you with two pictures of Nancy, my little conure.


  1. Wow, so cute! :)

    Right now, I think I'm most envious of that beautiful blue sky. It's technically spring here in Scotland, but it'll be another month or more before we have a chance of such a gorgeous day!

    And there's nothing in the world that smells better than fresh rosemary... :)


  2. Well, the blue sky is from a couple of years ago when I was on a road trip, passing through Wyoming. Nothing to see for miles...

    I picked out the rosemary when we were first plan shopping, largely because I like to just go out there and smell it every chance I get. :) And I've been experimenting with rosemary bread brushed with sea salt. Sooo tasty!

    I'm actually pretty envious of your being in Scotland. I like the sunshine here, but I dream of going to Scotland someday. (Among many other places.) *sigh*

  3. I must admit to loving marjoram and thyme. Rosemary places at about 9th!

    Thanks for this post - it reminded me to spend time in the garden, even if I don't do anythign there;-)