Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I started this blog with the intention of blogging at least once a week. Have I done that? Nope.

I get ideas for things to blog about but then, a paragraph in, I can't think of anything else to type. It feels boring and pointless, and I honestly don't know what to say. This problem carries over to commenting over at and other people's blogs, too. Lately I've had a harder time commenting because I don't feel like what I have to say is that interesting or worth making other people read.
And now it's hitting again. I'm staring at the screen, wondering what else to say. This is like really annoying Writer's Block. (It gets capitalized because it's such a pain in the ass.) The only difference is that it's kind of encompassing other parts of my life, too. I think it's a lack of focus.

I feel overwhelmed by a lot of the stuff going on my life right now, and am having a hard time getting my act together to take care of what needs to be taken care of. Instead, I want to go hide under my covers and make it all go away. Apparently I'm not handling the stress of being a grown-up as well as I'd like. *sigh*


  1. I hide under the covers some days. Not to be all "go see a shrink" but if it's interfering with things and your grad school offers counseling, it might help to go in and just see if they can help at all. For me, my counselor said it's likely related to getting overwhelmed by my ADD and in addition to deep breaths to try to think of one or two immediate things to do that'll get me out of bed (usually, "sit up, go pet the kitties") and to try and have one good thing scheduled for each day that I can look forward to--dinner with a friend, tv show I like, awesome breakfast I made the night before, new skirt I get to show off, etc. It's not perfect, but it seems to be helping.

    As for the blogging, for right now, why not, instead of a schedule, just have it be any little thing that strikes you. Even if it is one paragraph in without an ending. Or your playlist or books you're reading. That's assuming that you do want to blog more because you'll then be "blogging" and that could help you feel more confident because you can see what you've done and it'll help you get past the block. Blocks suck.

    I think my old blog somewhere has a conversation between me and Toby because I needed to post something and put something out and all I could do was look at my cat and meow at him.

  2. Sierra ~

    I love the title of your blog, thinking allowed and encouraged. You are a gem. It is just life, sweetie.

    How is Avery? I think of the little man and his battle.


  3. I really should look into the counseling thing, because I don't think I'm handling stress in a healthy manner right now. Instead of rising to the occasion, I'm shutting down and getting an ulcer. Ugh.

    As to pet conversations, I almost posted one between my parrot, Nancy, and me that occurred while I was watching Jurassic Park with her on my shoulder:

    T-Rex: *roars*
    Nancy: *screeches*
    Raptors: *enter, bobbing heads*
    Nancy: *bobs head*
    Raptors: *call to each other*
    Nancy: *squawks repeatedly*
    Raptors: *attack humans*
    Nancy: *eyes me*
    Me: Don't even think about it, bird.

  4. @Carol - Avery's doing okay. He's had his head shaved because his hair was falling out and one of the kids in the chemo ward told my aunt and cousin that when that starts happening, it hurts and itches. He also had to have injections for his blood count longer this time, but those are over finally. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of him up here. :)

  5. Thank you, he is on my heart a lot. I am sorry if my comment sounded flippant, life is painful especially when you are having a difficult time. I am thinking of you. Really, it will be okay, growing up is hard, stress is hard, been there and done that, including the ulcer. I'd read about your bird, but, I am easy, I will read almost anything.

  6. Oh, Carol, your comment didn't sound flippant at all. Sometimes talking about other people's problems rather than my own is easier. It may be a way of avoiding my own crap, but it also puts things into perspective.

    And I like easy readers. ;) Glad to know that pet posts won't go completely amiss, cause I may need to fall back on them someday.

  7. If it helps, some food came out of my mouth from my laughing at the bird. We were worried Toby would get ideas from the wild big cats on Animal Planet so I completely understand. Every so often they get that gleam in their eyes...

  8. I'm glad it was amusing. :) I left off the last thing I said cause it ruined the flow, but it was along the lines of, "I don't care if your grandparents WERE dinosaurs, you're not biting me."

  9. Like I said, its you. I'll read it. But the parrot thing was funny.

    A paragraph is fine. Sometimes that's all I can manage. And sometimes it's all that's needed!

  10. We had an advert for cat food many years ago, where a girl asks her mother what do cats dream about? Mother answers "probably butterflies and rabbits." Dissolve into cat's dream and it's stalking game!

  11. Oh man...I think I feel a pet post seriously brewing. Between one crazy parrot and two dorky stepcats, I have stories galore. I may distill them down tonight to one good post...look what you guys started! ;)