Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hooked On

I started thinking about things that I'm hooked on today. The things that I keep buying more of, you know? I went to Starbucks and saw this gorgeous travel mug - brown with gold threads wrapped around it. And it had the type of lid I like the best.

I was so tempted to get it, but talked myself out of it because, really, do I need another $12 travel mug in my cabinet? I've only got one right now because I've lost or broken the others, so maybe...but no. I don't need to take up more space with crap when I can just wash mine every day.

I realized that there are several types of items that I have a hard time steering myself clear of:

- calligraphy pens, even though I haven't had the time in over a year
- blank books, even though I never know what I'll put in them and I've got a shelf full of empty ones
- mugs, both travel and regular
- yarn, even though this is like the calligraphy pens
- lotions, because they smell nice, even though I've got more than I can use right now
- nailpolish and eyeshadow, even though I've already got the entire rainbow

I realized that I apparently have an addiction to pretty things. I love beauty and textures and find myself running my fingers along the spines of my leather-bound books just because I can.

Am I the only one with this problem? If anyone reads this, what do you find yourself hooked on?


  1. pretty ink pens (although i usually just use a sharpie pen)
    nail polish esp. OPI
    lip gloss (there are a finite number of shades of peach--I have them ALL)
    books--there are libraries but they smell bad

  2. Cool cat toys, even though Toby's favorite is a mouse from three years ago whose fabric is coming off. He loves to bring it over for fetch.
    Notebooks, though thankfully this is a work-only thing where I keep taking new notebooks in hopes it'll make me organized somehow.
    Books, I can't wander through a library in bare feet at 2am to find the perfect book I crave.
    Spinach and Artichoke dip--not quite the same, but if this is on a menu, it's next to impossible for me to not order it.

  3. @Lora - I love OPI polish. Much too much. And now the company's got a new line that's a bit more eco-friendly? Or so I hear. I may have to check that out.

    @Bethany - Oh, man. I hear you on the books. It's bad at my place, especially driven home by a recent move to a third floor walk-up. And my foods, along with spinach and artichoke dip, include bread and tirimisu...now I'm starving...