Thursday, July 8, 2010

Impeccable Timing

While watching Futurama through Netflix streaming - 

Bender: "Behold! The internet!"
Fry: "My God! It's full of-"
Netflix: "Your internet connection has slowed."
Me: *facepalm*

The next one I posted in the comments on another post a while back, but have to share it in a main post. :)

While watching Jurassic Park with Nancy on my shoulder -

T-Rex: *roars*
Nancy: *screeches*
Raptors: *enter, bobbing heads*
Nancy: *bobs head*
Raptors: *call to each other*
Nancy: *squawks repeatedly*
Raptors: *attack humans*
Nancy: *eyes me*
Me: "Don't even think about it, bird."


  1. Did you by any chance attend SMU?

  2. OhmyGod! I got a visit from Fokker! My life is complete! :D

    I didn't go to SMU, unfortunately, although I drive by it often. Did you? :) I'm actually at UTD right now and am enjoying it quite a bit.

  3. Har. I'm only here because it is italics free :0)

    I was a grad student at SMU and had a sweet student that was Baha'i and I though ... how small is the world??

    Did you take any archeology at UTD?

  4. What? I was serious. I like it when the Betties stop by. :) If italics start showing up here, we'll know that it's you and not Lucy's blog. ;)

    I'm constantly amazed at how small the world is. I haven't taken any archeology at UTD, though. Do you know someone who's teaching it?