Monday, June 14, 2010

Blegh & Meep

I woke up today in a panic. I'd spent the night at the boyfriend's last night because he had to go to the airport this morning and that required getting up at 6:30. I'm not a morning person, so staying at his place meant that I couldn't sleep through my alarm and screw up his schedule. If I overslept at his place, he could just poke me until I got my butt out of bed. Or toss a cat on me, if he was feeling particularly evil.

Little did I know that his alarm is the alarm clock from Hell. Seriously, I think it could raise the dead. I went from deep asleep, dreaming of cooking dinner for Neil Gaiman and getting bogus parking tickets at a mall in Montana, to wide awake and upright, thinking the world was ending. Boyfriend, on the other hand, was completely calm and poised. My adrenaline rush got me moving, but didn't seem to jumpstart my brain. Zombie Sierra, ladies and gents! Thank goodness zombie-me knows how to drive without crashing.

He got to the airport alright and is safely in Philadelphia now, for two nights. I'm curled up on the couch grumbling, "Fuck you, too," to my uterus. (Yes, TMI. No, I'm too cranky to care.) I have yet to take a shower, I'm tired and in pain, and can't seem to focus on anything. I have to go meet someone to figure out some stuff for my stepdad's website in...about an hour. I emailed to see if I could reschedule because being upright for any period of time makes me want to punch someone.

Am I useless today? Pretty much. Is this blog post pointless? Yup. I'll try to have something better tomorrow or Wednesday. *waves* I'm going back to my couch, heating pad, and Dr. Pepper. I'll see you all when I'm not homicidal.


  1. Ahh. The apocalyptic alarm, I do know thee well. I wake up to tinkling cell phone alarm at 4AM even during my summer break. The reason being that my husband, due to damage done when his third set of ear tubes were removed as a kid, cannot hear anything but top volume. That sort of alarm leaves me shaking, chilled, and with a heart pounding like a pack of greyhounds making for the finish line. It literally scares me. Awful awful awful.

    I feel your pain.

  2. I need 3 alarms and often, that's not enough for me. I always wanted the one that Honor Donovan had in Amber Beach by Elizabeth Lowell. It started out with gentle chiming and increased in volume and pitch until it sounded like wailing/caterwauling.

  3. Your old chimes alarm clock seems to me perfect. Distinctive and loud enough to wake me, when I was sleeping at your house, but pleasant. I'd like to find one like that. Until then, the key seems to be loud and multiple for me! (And yeah, sometimes that doesn't work. I always push "snooze"...)